"Always feel terrific after dancing with Rosa! Precision, support, guidance, and laughter. The best." - Susan F., student

Shimmy Time & Ballet Basics drop-in classes are now ONLINE. Learn more here!

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NEW - The Delicious Pauses Drum Solo

Online intensive with Rosa Noreen

Save up to $50 till March 8 - Starts March 12, 2021

This unique online intensive will help you take the stress out of drum solos!

You'll learn to slow down with Rosa's signature Delicious Pauses methodology, adding exciting dynamics while putting you in control for an enjoyable dance experience.

You'll learn about templates, and how they can help you create your own combinations or improvisation structures. You'll have the option to learn Rosa's choreography as an example of the concepts, with dance-along drills for choreography, templates, and improvisation built into the course.

Get the early bird package with code EARLYDRUM, only till March 8!

  • Save $15-$50
  • Music practice loops — edited music loops so you can easily practice with each section!
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Join the Belly Dance Template Challenge!

Starts February 19, 2021 - Sign up FREE today

Think about movement in a whole new way

This FREE challenge will help you create new and exciting combinations and grow your improvisation skills using movements you already know!

Learn how templates work, learn to add in dynamic pauses, and behold your new gems!

Over 10 days, you'll get 5 templates, complete with short explainer videos... and the chance to win some fantastic prizes!

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Online Intro Dance Classes for Adults

From Bright Star World Dance, Portland, ME - Via Zoom

Intro to Belly Dance - 4-week Class

Learn about movements, rhythms, and cultural context of Egyptian dance in this friendly and supportive class for total beginners!

Yes, YOU are perfect for belly dance, right now.

You don't need to lose or gain weight. You don't need to have rhythm or be flexible. Just bring your self and your sense of fun to learn something new this season in a warm and supportive environment.

Starts Monday, February 15, 7:30 PM EST. Class recordings are available till a week after the final class. Find your time zone here.

$65/4-week class.

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Intro to Adult Ballet - 6-week Class

Gain strength, grace, balance, and flexibility in this welcoming class for total beginners. People of all genders and body types welcomed and affirmed. This class is open to people ages 18+.

Starts Wednesday, January 13, 6:00 PM EST. Class recordings are available for a full week after each class. Find your time zone here.

$100/6-week class. Get $10 off till January 4!

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Belly Dance Special Topics Online Classes

From Bright Star World Dance, Portland, ME - Via Zoom

Three-week focused sessions

Join Rosa for a dive into a variety of topics this winter!

  • Tuesdays, 7:30 PM (1 hr, 15 minutes), find your time zone here.
  • Slow it Down - Starts January 12
  • Turns & Spins - Starts February 9
  • Elegant Arm Paths - Starts March 2

$55/3-week class. Get $10 off "Elegant Arm Paths" till February 23!

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Drop-In Adult Dance Classes - Online

From Bright Star World Dance, Portland, ME - Via Zoom

Ballet Basics for Adults - Drop in / Class Card

Gain flexibility, balance, strength, and grace in this welcoming ballet technique class. Open to people of all genders, ages 18+. Ballet shoes encouraged, but don't let that stop you--socks will work.

  • Sundays 10:30 AM EST - Ballet Basics: Barre & Centre + Stretch
  • Tuesdays 6:00 PM EST - Adv. Beginner: Barre & Centre
  • Wednesdays 10:30 AM EST - Ballet Basics/Adv. Beginner: Barre-on-the-Floor
  • Thursdays 7:30 PM EST - Ballet Basics: Balance & Adagio
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Shimmy Time - Drop-in Belly Dance Class

Shake off your stress! Join this upbeat intermediate-level belly dance class featuring a new combo each week. Get a great workout and learn about the cultural context that inspires each combo!

All drop-in classes are ongoing. Join us this week!

  • Wednesdays 12:00 PM EST - Lunchtime Shimmy
  • Thursdays 6:15 PM EST - Evening Shimmy
  • Fridays 12:00 PM EST - Lunchtime Shimmy
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Online Private Lessons

Ballet or Belly Dance

Customized lessons tailored to your needs and your learning style. Multi-lesson packages available!

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Instructional DVDs

Delicious Pauses, Hands & Arms, and more

Shop for instructional DVDs and Grace Academy merch!

  • A Dancer's Hands & Arms
  • Rhythm & Pause DVD/CD combo
  • Delicious Pauses: Negative Space in Movement
  • Purple tank tops
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Party Entertainment, Weddings, Bridal Showers, and More

Not currently booking due to COVID-19.

Elegant, family-friendly entertainment

Rosa brings sparkle and excitement to special events all around Southern Maine. Be sure to book well in advance!

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