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Rosa founded the Grace Academy to help dancers grow in confidence to take their places on stage and in the world.

Her workshops, online intensives, and instructional DVDs have helped dancers around the world learn to slow down and revel in the moment.

Recent teaching engagements include the Las Vegas Belly Dance Intensive (NV), Art of the Belly (MD), Cairo Caravan (CA), River City Raqs (FL), Asheville Belly Dance Festival (NC), Shimmyathon (VT), and more.

High resolution photos, embeddable YouTube videos, different length bios, and workshop descriptions are all immediately available to confirmed workshop hosts.

Rosa is an experienced event host and a studio owner. She is happy to lend her knowledge if you need help figuring out your budget, developing your advertising plan, creating graphics, and more.

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Grace Academy Workshop Topics

Here are some of Rosa's current topics. She can also create new topics based on your group's needs.

All workshop titles, descriptions, and content is property of Rosa Noreen and may not be used or reproduced without express permission.

Delicious Pauses: Negative Space in Movement

The often overlooked element of stillness in dance adds texture, surprise and emotion to a performance. As in all visual arts, negative space must be consciously utilized.

When melded with your music, those pauses--sudden & brief or gooey as molasses--keep your audience on the edge of their seats. Plus, your photographer will love you!

Rosa will teach you concepts and methodology, reinforced by combos and exercises towards the application of your newly unlocked skills in an exploration of negative space in movement.

"This subject is so important and this is the first time I have heard this concept explained so expertly and easily comprehended." — Student, Las Vegas Belly Dance Intensive

One with the Air - Secrets of Effortless Veil Work

Learn to make your veil work seem effortless. No more fighting with your veil to make it do what you want. Using airflow, extension, and body lines, Rosa will teach you to work *with* your veil rather than fighting it!

As a dance partner, the veil can be absolutely mesmerizing. In this workshop, you will learn to emphasize the natural grace and elegance of silk. We will cover different ways of holding the veil to achieve different effects, wrapping and unwrapping with ease, tosses, transitions, and single arm work, all deliberately using the air as an integral part of the dance.

A rectangular silk veil 3-3.5 yards is recommended. Drapey sleeves and velvet clothing are not recommended as both enjoy the company of silk a little too much!

A Dancer's Hands & Arms

Arms are an extension of your body and an integral part of your dance--not just appendages. This workshop will train you to incorporate your hands and arms into your dance. You will also learn the keys to minimizing pointy elbows and floppy wrists through specific muscular engagement.

We will explore framing arms, expressive arms, fluid arms, and the balletic concept of "epaulement". This finishing touch makes all the difference in polished belly dance technique!

"I LOVE your Hands and Arms course! I'm slowly beginning to overcome the dead fish arm. Yes!" - Alanah, Cairo, Egypt

Exquisite Lines

Your line is your physical signature, from the tips of your toes to your fingertips, from the curve of your ankle to the line of your neck. Refine your technique and embed good habits in your practice using such techniques as epaulement, the coordination of head, shoulders and arms.

Drawn from Rosa's classical ballet training, this methodology will teach you specialized techniques, concepts and drills to help you project from stage to the farthest reaches of the audience. Rosa will teach you to to create aesthetically and physically pleasing lines in dance that are right for *your* body.

Visionary Variations

The most memorable moments in a performance are often the simplest. Learn to harness your energy and stand out from the crowd. We will explore Rosa's signature methods of turning simple movements into arresting moments by exploring the intersection of your focus, tempo, technique and relationship to the music.

These techniques can make your improvisation more dynamic. They can help you get past choreographic writer's block. And they are great tools for teachers!

Ballet Skills for Belly Dancers

Come discover what ballet skills can do for your belly dancing. In this workshop, you will learn how certain ballet skills can give you graceful lines, stronger balance, better control, and more stable turns.

This workshop will distill key movements and combinations from the ballet vocabulary that are useful to belly dancers. Rosa will teach you to develop strong legs and sweeping lines. She will also demystify the terminology frequently used by the Reda company and by contemporary belly dance choreographers so you can more easily follow new movements. Ballet or jazz shoes are strongly recommended.

"I was a part of a group photo shoot this weekend and the photographer was so excited with my body lines, especially my foot point. I can tell you that for sure my lines were not like that before this class. Thank you Rosa!" - Royah, MA

Heavy Beats, Heavy Hips: Dancing to Middle Eastern Rhythms

Learn to identify and dance to popular Middle Eastern rhythms. Understanding the beat behind the music makes all the difference in your comfort level.

In this workshop, you'll learn the doums, teks, and patterns that make up various belly dance rhythms--and combinations of hip movements to help us get the patterns into our bodies.

Detangle Your Feet: Turns, Traveling & Transitions

Learn foot patterns, turns, and weight shifts that often trip up belly dancers! Some of these movements come from outside dance forms like ballet, and some come from within. Rosa will teach you how to recognize the building blocks so that you can more easily jump into any style of belly dance without being overwhelmed.

Ballet Turns & Balances for Belly Dance

Are you challenged by turns? This workshop will break down the basics of ballet-based turns including chaines, arabesques, and soutenus. Learn how to get into these turns, and how to you get out of them. We'll also explore the concept of spotting, how this can help you, and how to train yourself in this habit. Gain the skills to master these turns, transitions, and balances! Leather or canvas ballet slippers are strongly recommended for this workshop.

Emoting with the Upper Body

Our faces are not the only expressive part of the body! How can we use the chest, back, and arms to project emotion? Come find out in this workshop!

Using both dance technique and non-verbal theatrical concepts, we'll explore the ways our belly dance movements of the ribcage, shoulders, neck, and arms can be used to deliberately bring a special dimension to your dancing.

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