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Join a Portland Maine Adult Ballet Class

Bright Star World Dance - 108 High Street, Portland ME - Corner of High & Spring

"Thank you for an amazing ballet class! My legs were for sure a little sore, but even after just one day, my body mechanics are much better! Adult ballet is the way to go! I also loved how everyone within the class was so happy to just be there." — Faye, student

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Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday
9:30 AM
Ballet Basics for Adults
5:30 PM
Ballet Basics for Adults

Always wanted to learn ballet? Now you can!
Improve Your Posture, Balance, Strength, Flexibility

Total beginners welcome! Drop in any time OR get a 6-class card.

  • Ballet Basics: Sundays 9:30 AM or Tuesdays 5:30 PM
  • All classes 1 hour and 15 minutes
  • $17/drop-in or $85/six-class card (6 classes for the price of 5!)
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Bright Star World Dance is located in the Arts District at 108 High Street, Portland ME, at the corner of High and Spring. Look for the dark green door set back from the street next to the Little Tap House Restaurant. Get directions here.

About Ballet Basics for Adults

Ballet is a full body workout that leaves you feeling taller and stronger.

You'll improve your posture and balance, develop flexibility safely, and strengthen your entire body.

This class focuses primarily on barre work, introducing a series of traditional ballet exercise that repeat with variations with week.

Don't worry if these words are totally foreign to you! Technique is explained in detail to help people of all levels learn and grow.

Who Should Join This Class?

Interested people of all genders, fitness levels, and body types are welcome, ages 14+.

Whether you are new to dance, returning after a long time, or looking to crosstrain, this is the class for you.

You can start any time. Join us this week!

"Rosa's manner is supportive, not critical (even when making a correction!) Our classes are a judgement free zone for overall dance enrichment. I am definitely seeing a difference in how I carry my body and move in daily activities as well as my other dancing." — Susan F., student

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What Should I Wear?

Ballet or yoga wear is appropriate: Leotard & tights, or leggings & fitted tank top and/or sports bra. Short chiffon dance skirts are OK. Clothing must be form-fitting to allow the teacher to see your lines and help you move safely.

Leather or canvas ballet slippers are recommended. Consult the folks at Petit Jete Dance Boutique in Brunswick to get a good shoe fit. Ballet shoes are typically smaller than your street shoes. They should fit more like socks than like shoes.

If you prefer to shop online, you can use code TP49115 at Discount Dance Supply to get 10% off your order. Be sure to read the size charts carefully as each brand is different! Ballet shoes are often sized smaller than than street shoes.

Non-grippy socks are OK for your first class if you do not have time to get ballet slippers.

I've never done ballet before. Can I join this class?

Absolutely. This class will teach you the basics of ballet. It includes "barre" work to start, where you stand with your hand on a ballet barre and do drilling exercises like plies, tendus, rond de jambes and grand battments. (Don't know what these are? No problem! Everything will be broken down.) Time permitting, we'll put the barres away and do "center" work using the barre exercises to dance combinations.

I'm familiar with ballet, but it's been a while. Will this class be enough of a challenge for me?

As you probably know, even the most well-known professionals are still working to perfect their plie, their turnout, their extension. This class will provide traditional barre and center work that is sure to make you sweat, not matter what your level.

When should I arrive?

The earlier the better! If you can do a short warm-up beforehand, it will help you get the most out of class. The studio opens 10-15 minutes before class begins.

I have to miss a class. Can I still come back?

Definitely. You can start any time. Class content will vary from week to week. Six-class cards are good for 8 weeks. If Rosa cancels a class, the card expiration dates are extended accordingly.

Can I drop in to try out a class?

You bet! Drop-ins are $17 per class. It is recommended that you email Rosa or call ahead at (207) 409-9540 to be sure there is room.

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Registration Policy
  • Class cards (6 and 12) expire in 8 weeks. If the instructor cancels a class, the expiration date will be extended accordingly.
  • Prepaid drop-ins expire 30 days from purchase.
  • Class cards and drop-ins can be used at both the Sunday 9:30 AM and Tuesday 5:30 PM classes.
  • All payments are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

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Ballet for Figure Skaters
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