COVID-19 Updates - Classes & Events with Rosa Noreen

Bright Star World Dance, 108 High Street, Portland, ME

March 14, 2020

Dear Dancers,

In the interest of the safety of our community, we have made the decision to close Bright Star to group classes for three weeks.

All group classes are postponed until April 5, 2020.

I recognize that things may change, and I will share updates if and when that happens.

NEW online learning options are coming soon — including private/small group lessons via Zoom!

Health & Safety

We can sanitize and clean the studio as much as possible, and while we trust our community members to take the necessary precautions, we worry about folks in the studio becoming vectors when we are in close proximity.

The possible risk of asymptomatic carriers of the virus inadvertently transmitting it to more vulnerable members of our extended community is of great concern. For example, we know that people with lung conditions and the elderly are particularly at risk.

We owe it to each other to keep them as safe as possible.

Your Classes & Events

All class sessions and class card expiration dates are postponed accordingly. You will not lose the value of any prepaid classes.

We will make a decision about special events (including Oreet's workshops) as soon as we have the necessary information.

Keep Moving!

Exercise is key to a strong immune system. Keep moving as much as you can!

You can dance at home, and you can go for walks or hikes or bike rides in our beautiful region. Yay, warmer weather!

AND.... stay tuned for online courses in belly dance and ballet, coming soon!

Keep in Touch!

Please reach out to us with, questions, online private lesson booking, AND any requests for special topics!

Two things to remember:

1. This is necessary. We need to act now to prevent this from spreading further and the recovery taking longer.

2. This is temporary. I absolutely cannot wait to resume our classes with you!

Wishing you all the best during this trying time!

Hugs & Shimmies,

Private Lessons

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