Belly Dance Workshops with Shahrzad in New England
June 2-4, 2017 - Portland, Maine

Bright Star World Dance - 108 High Street, Portland ME - Corner of High & Spring

June 2-4, 2017 Friday Saturday Sunday
11:00 AM-1:00 PM Workshop:
Ghawazee Folkloric
Mastering the Belly
2:00 PM-4:00 PM Workshop:
Shimmies & Isolations
Om Kalthoum: Dance with Feeling
6:00 PM-8:00 PM Workshop:
Drumming and Dancing
with Egyptian Rhythms
8:00-10:00 PM Show:
Springtime Spectacular

REGISTRATION NOTE: All workshops are SOLD OUT. Get your Sat 6/3 Springtime Spectacular show tickets here!

Workshop Rates & Installment Plans
Sat/Sun Early Bird Pricing - SOLD OUT
  • $225 - Weekend Package four workshops Sat-Sun - SOLD OUT
  • $47 - Installment Plan each of five payments - SOLD OUT
  • $15 - Springtime Spectacular Show Ticket
Friday Workshop Pricing - Opens 2/11
  • Open to dancers and drummers!
  • $50 - Early Bird opens Sat 2/11, expires Fri 3/3
  • $60 - Regular opens Sat 3/4, expires Fri 5/19
  • $70 - Last Minute opens Sat 5/20, expires Thu 6/1
  • $15 - Springtime Spectacular Show Ticket
  • Installment plans available!
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Bright Star World Dance, 108 High St, Portland ME

Our bright and sunny studio is located in the Arts District at the corner of High and Spring. Look for the dark green door set back from the street next to the Little Tap House Restaurant.
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Workshop Descriptions
Drumming and Dancing with Egyptian Rhythms - Friday 6 PM

This unique workshop combines rhythm and movement training into a fun and interactive learning experience for both dancers and drummers! Teachers Marshall Bodiker (on Tabla/Darbuka) and Shahrzad (Egyptian Dance) will be breaking down several of the most iconic rhythms from Egypt, how they are used in music, and how they are played. After teaching each rhythm Marshall will drill the rhythm and variations with the drummers while Shahrzad leads the dancers through the iconic steps and combinations associated with each beat. The workshop will end in a full on drum-solo jam session dance party!

Ghawazee - Saturday 11 AM

The dances of the Ghawazee are one of the main origins of belly dance as we know it today. Learn more about the history of these dancers as well as their iconic movements and how many of their unrefined and powerful movements connect to our modern technique. Bring your finger cymbals, we will briefly discuss their use in this dance and use them for drills (optional).

Shimmies & Isolations - Saturday 2 PM

Shake, pop, and roll! Fine tune your dancing skills with this fun and upbeat workshop. Learn new technique for shimmies and isolations of the hips and chest and then challenge your body with layering drills and combinations.

Mastering the Belly - Sunday 11 AM

Shahrzad shares her personal technique for flawless belly rolls, pops, and flutters and how to seamlessly incorporate them into your dance. The workshop will start with exercises made to help dancers find and strengthen the muscles of the belly and then continue into a variety of movements and combinations to both slow and fast music. Unlock the power and beauty of your belly!

Om Kalthoum: Dance with Feeling - Sunday 2 PM

The classical Egyptian songs of artists such as Om Kalthoum are some of the most difficult to dance to due to their lush composition and deep emotional meaning. Shahrzad will be teaching lightly structured combinations and improvisation exercises to a classic Om Kalthoum song that enables dancers to refine advanced technique while leaving room to let personal expression blossom.

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About Shahrzad

Shahrzad has been enchanting the stage since she discovered her passion for Arabic dance and music at the age of 11. Since then, she has immersed herself in a variety of dance disciplines–including Modern Egyptian belly dance and many regional and folkloric dance styles from North Africa and the Middle East. Her professional career started when she was 17, working full time as a performer at shows with live bands at top venues and events in the United States. Most of Shahrzad’s technique and choreography is influenced by her training in Egyptian dance.

Shahrzad has been mentored by some of the top Egyptian dance instructors in the world including Madame Raqia Hassan, Nourhan Sharif, Faten Salama, Habiba, and many more. She has traveled extensively to do in depth study about the music, dance, and cultural traditions surrounding both so that she can give students a deeper knowledge of the roots of belly dance as well as its modern uses.

Inspired by her interest in teaching, Shahrzad underwent a 2 year Pilates apprenticeship. Now as a fully certified Pilates instructor with extensive training in anatomy and movement she is able to bring a new level of education to her students by breaking down technique in detailed terms right down to what each muscle of the body is doing.

Shahrzad currently resides in Cairo and regularly travels internationally to teach and perform and continues to inspire students and audiences all over the world with her deep passion for dance.

About Marshall

Marshall was born in Baltimore, but spent most of his life in Washington, DC, USA. He has had an interest in musical traditions from all over the world since a very young age. His interest led him to master a wide variety of percussion instruments including West African, Afro-Cuban, Indian, North African, and Middle Eastern drums. Early on in his studies he found a special passion for Middle Eastern melodies and rhythms and has now devoted a decade of his life to studying and playing Arabic percussion instruments.

Within the realm of Middle Eastern music, Marshall plays tabla, duf, bendir, davul and more with passion and authentic style. His specialty is playing tabla and is able to execute and teach intricate techniques and rhythms from Morocco and Egypt to the Arabian Peninsula the Caucuses. Marshall is experienced with teaching and performing with Belly Dancers and Middle Eastern music and dance ensembles. He currently resides in Cairo where he regularly performs with Egyptian bands and orchestras in a variety of venues.

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REGISTRATION NOTE: All workshops are SOLD OUT. Get your Sat 6/3 Springtime Spectacular show tickets here!