Soumaya MaRose in Portland, ME - Raqs Sharqi Workshop
October 3-4, 2020 - Portland, Maine

Bright Star World Dance - 108 High Street, Portland ME - Corner of High & Spring

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October 3-4, 2020 Saturday Sunday
Mejance: Introducing Yourself with Cultural Interpretation
Introduction to Moroccan Dance and Culture through Social Dance
Baladi Technique and Interpretation
Technique for Elegant Moroccan Chabbi
4:15ish PM Dinner/Lecture/Q&A with Soumaya
7:00 PM Show featuring Soumaya

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Early Bird 2-Weekend Deal: ONLY available January 1-31, 2020

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  • Get FOUR workshops (8 hours/2 days) with this master teacher, plus a post-event lecture/Q&A!
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Regular rates in effect starting May 4, 2020.

  • For: Soumaya only (October 3-4, 2020)
  • Starting May 4, 2020: Pay in full $325 - OR - start 4 monthly installments of $83
  • Get FOUR workshops (8 hours/2 days) with this master teacher, plus a post-event lecture/Q&A!

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Bright Star World Dance, 108 High Street, Floor 3, Portland ME

Our bright and sunny studio is located in the Arts District at the corner of High and Spring.

Look for the dark green door set back from the street next to the Little Tap House Restaurant.

Get directions here.

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Workshop Descriptions
Mejance: Introducing Yourself with Cultural Interpretation
Saturday, October 3, 11:00 AM-1:00 PM

Learn all about mejance! The mejance is how the dancer introduces herself to the audience. The music is intricate, with rhythm and mood changes throughout, showcasing the dancer's versatility and personality.

An orientale routine is composed by different style of dances that bring our audience trough a journey. The "Mejance" or the "Opening" is your first contact with the audience, when you introduce yourself. How is this contact made? What is the cultural symbolism behind it? How did the Oriental routine originate? 

You'll learn to recognize the various parts of a mejance, and to understand the nuances of the cultural interpretation. This is not a full choreography class; combinations and improvisation techniques will be used. Tips and technique will be given to help to find dancers find the Queen that lives inside of all of us.

While the topics in the workshop are advanced, you do NOT need to be an advanced dancer to participate and to learn.

Baladi Technique and Interpretation
Saturday, October 3, 2:00-4:00 PM

Baladi is a heartfelt and musical social dance popular in Egypt and the Levant. Learn the various parts of the classic baladi progression, technique, and emotional interpretation from Soumaya's unique perspective.

We'll dive in the character of the bint al balad (girl of the country or of the village): feminine, confident and strong. We are going to work on two different songs with baladi flavor: a Lebanese pop song and a Baldi-chaabi song) that will drive us to the "Art of the Baladi". After understanding the routine of the baladi, some secrets of the dance will be revealed...

While the topics in the workshop are advanced, you do NOT need to be an advanced dancer to participate and to learn.

Introduction to Moroccan Dance and Culture through Social Dance
Sunday, October 4, 11:00 AM-1:00 PM

Moroccan dances are based on the traditional tribal way of life unique to this area. It is not possible to disassociate the social aspect of the dance and keep it's true character. Understanding the roots and the context from which those come will be the goal of this workshop. We will see how through the dance appears every character, their social function and the hierarchy system that manages the society across 3 main dances: Ahidouss, Awash and Regadda.

All are welcome.

Technique for Elegant Moroccan Chabbi
Sunday, October 4, 2:00-4:00 PM

Moroccan chaabi is very diverse depending of the region and social context. The Elegant Moroccan chaabi often takes place at wedding celebrations and official haflas, and it comes with its own music style. In this workshop, we are going to discover that musical style, its roots, and the technique that accompanies it.

All are welcome.

Dinner + Q&A with Soumaya
Sunday, October 4, 4:15ish PM

After the workshop, we’ll bring in food for dinner and a Q&A session with Soumaya.

There is no charge to attend this part of the event if you attended any of the workshops. You are welcome to bring in your own food OR join the group dinner order from Ameera (you can order and pay in advance).

We can write our questions down and put them in a box. Soumaya will choose some questions to answer, and follow-up questions are most welcome.

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About Soumaya

Soumaya MaRose is a native Moroccan woman born and raised in Belgium. Her parents moved to Europe in the 1970’s. She grew up with her Moroccan community in Brussels and spent every summer with her family in Morocco.

As far as she can remember, she has always danced. Her community often said to her "dik Soumaya, ouhda shataha,” which means "This Soumaya is a dancer." When she was 13, Soumaya started playing tabla as well as drums and performed at shows, weddings, and events. She soon became a member of El Housna, a Moroccan girl-band, and for 15 years played with the band at events in Belgium, France, Germany, and The Netherlands.

As an adult, Soumaya began to study Raqs Sharqi and different types of folkloric dances from the Middle East with many native international teachers and people from the culture, as well as many non native and amazing master dancers and teachers.

Since she became established in Boston in 2014, Soumaya has dedicated her life to dance. In 2015 she finished in second-place in the folk dance competition at Rakass Istanbul International Festival organized by Serkan Tutar. She collaborates with local artists such as Atlas Soul (North African music), Club Mediteranée (Arabic and Balkan music), Salma Dance with Joanie Block, and many others.

Soumaya has studied, taught workshops, given numerous performances, and hosted discussions regionally and internationally on Moroccan dance styles, Raqs Sharqi, and Arabic culture. In collaboration with Boujemaa Razgui and Mohammed Mejaour for the first time in Boston, Soumaya produced a show dedicated to Moroccan dance and Culture.

Soumaya is a committed artist and believes that it is very important to work as a bridge between cultures. In order to share and spread her message, she appears on local TV, journals and gives interviews.

"For me, dancing means language. It is my way to share my culture and keep the Arabic woman in me alive."

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