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The Delicious Pauses Drum Solo, Vol. 1
Technique, Combinations, Improvisation Drills

RELEASE DATE: January 29, 2021

Drama, Power, Presence--You can have it all! Learn to take control of a drum solo through Rosa's unique Delicious Pauses methodology. Learn how to slow down when the rhythm is strong. Bring in dazzling contrast and playful moments.

In this instructional video, you’ll learn how to use different types of pauses in your drum solo through technique, combinations, and improvisation drills so that you can readily apply these skills to your own dancing. Your audience will be on the edge of their seats with anticipation of your next move!

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Pretty Feet: Ballet Exercises for Beautiful Strength
Technique and Guided Exercises

Build your strength, balance, and stamina with these classical ballet exercises. Rosa's detailed instruction will help you master these skills, no ballet experience needed. Total beginners and experienced dancers of all styles can benefit from these thoughtful exercises.

Total beginners will learn the techniques in detail. Experienced dancers of other styles can work to perfect their alignment and balance. Finish with a guided stretch to release your muscles. Everyone can benefit from these exercises and Rosa's careful instruction.

$20 USD

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Belly Dance DVD - A Dancer's Hands & Arms
Anatomy, Technique, and Drills for Strong & Graceful Arms

Learn the secrets to strong, graceful hands and arms!

Your arms make all the difference in polished belly dance technique. This DVD is designed to help you gain A Dancer's Hands & Arms!

$22 USD

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Belly Dance DVD - Delicious Pauses
Methodology & Drills for Negative Space in Movement

Embrace your stillness. The often overlooked element of stillness in dance adds texture, surprise and emotion to a performance.

As in all visual arts, negative space must be consciously utilized. When melded with your music, those pauses--sudden & brief or gooey as molasses--keep your audience on the edge of their seats. Plus, your photographer will love you!

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Belly Dance DVD/CD Combo - Rhythm & Pause
Musicality, Combinations, and Rhythm Breakdown

Don't be bullied by the beat. Learn to navigate popular belly dance rhythms without feeling overwhelmed. CD includes 12 rhythms in two formats each, verbal instruction, and a drum solo!

For a limited time, get Rhythm & Pause as an exclusive 2-disc set--an instructional DVD and a unique rhythms CD.

$29 USD

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Belly Dance Instructional Videos - Grace Academy Combo
Get all Three Videos and Save

Choose two or three DVDs:

  • Delicious Pauses: Negative Space in Movement DVD
  • Rhythm & Pause DVD+CD Combo
  • A Dancer's Hands & Arms DVD

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